Friday, August 7, 2009

Shoe Update

I did a shoe post not so long ago, but I am feeling the need for an update. Since then, I have managed to procure a pair of Feiyues in my size, as well as another brand, Hui Li (aka Warrior).

Last year, a China-born design student in Helsinki, Shumeng Ye, took time from her studies to pursue a project documenting the present day popularity of Warrior sneakers in her homeland. The result was a book, which, when purchased, came with a pair of the classic kicks. Here is more info.

While their simplicity and Chinese characters may appeal to the Western minded, for most Chinese they embody a bygone era which doesn't fit with their contemporary selves. Fair enough. From their box to their insole, I think their perfect, but apart from the photos taken by Ms. Shumeng, I have yet to see a Chinese person wearing them.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Move Your Feet to the Summer Song

The summer is sweltering. The old men are up to their usual tricks: swimming in the murky waters of lake Houhai and rocking bare midriffs, and the ladies are hiding under fluorescent parasols while licking down icy popsicles.

I prefer to ratchet up the heat with some smoking trax and keep the fire at bay with a frosty Yanjing. Music and beer make the summer go round.

Holy Ghost!'s recent summer jam, I Will Come Back, is on the playlist. And I like to wash it down with the retro-tastic video.

After the romp, it's nice to rinse off the perspiration with some Walkabout from Atlas Sound and Panda Bear.

And as the sun's going under, I reach for Lindstrøm's Breakfast in Heaven, which always puts a glowing smile on my face.

After night-fall, I have no recollection.