Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That's Sick, Brah!

Swine flu. It's in me. I can feel it in my head, I can feel it in my toes. This weeks playlist goes out to you, you viral superstar.


For a couple of years during college, I had an avid fixation with little, girls' bikes with banana seats. The picture above says it all. It was a phase, yes, but I don't look back and feel embarrassed. Those were good times. Carefree, happy times. One day, my brother threw this song in my face; a catchy and light, post-rock jam that could have served as my theme song. I haven't listened to this song in years, but since I currently ride a girl's bike, well, a lady's bike actually, it still fits just fine. This one goes out to all you boys who, if you so chose, could comfortably ride with a skirt on.

The Aluminum Group - "Girl's Bike".


Moving on, here are a few hits from The Box, a TV show theme song covers compilation put out by Peppermill Records at the end of last year. The whole album is great and can be downloaded from many not-so-secret locations. Note: The song names are cryptic, so you'll have to figure out the original on your own.

The Chap - "Come Off It Sharon"

Volumina - "Abuelito"

Cocoawildboars - "CWB Team"


Continuing with covers, Spin Magazine recently released Purplish Rain, bringing a disparate crowd together in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Chairlift doing "Darling Nikki" is good, but it's Of Montreal who rain the hardest, bringing to the table a well-digested version of "Computer Blue".


Please, mothers, don't let your children out after dark. They're back.

Heartbreak - "We're Back"


And, last but not least, !!! à la DJ Kaos.

Heart of Hearts (DJ Kaos HoH Extend)


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  1. hallo! I am taking a look to your blog. We are connected somehow from every application of the web. I like your new style and your bike, of course yor racing bike in Berlin was also cool. Right now I am listening to a Beirut song called prenzlauerberg, boring and elitist prenzl. Take care i add you to my favs. Küsschen.