Thursday, April 22, 2010

Around the Track

I took this photo last summer. Again, it looks better when not viewed through blog sizes, so "click" and make it big and/or check out my flickr for better quality (and other great pictures). For me, it brings together a lot of aspects that I look for when taking pictures in China. Here we have a bizarre landscape of painted, concrete barriers haphazardly arranged across an overgrown, vacant lot, which seems to have no purpose other than to house these painted, concrete barriers. A road circles around the ovular interior of barriers, like a track in a stadium, and a boy is doing laps on rollerblades. This is what I see in China. It's not what I see everyday, by any means, but I search around, either by foot or by bike, and situations just appear. China really is a photogenic land. My collection of street photos broadens faster than I can present it, so now I'm easing off of this path and working of some more stationary projects. Nonetheless, there will certainly be more street photos to come.

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