Monday, November 16, 2009

All about the zippers

Did I mention already that the latest Fuck Buttons album is totally brill? It totally is. A slightly milder tempered and more melodic album than their debut, Tarot Sport is your post-urban, sonic escape unit. I shouldn't mention this, but I will nonetheless. Since the first time I heard it, I have fantasized about having the best sex of my life to "Olympians". [No middle-school whispers about the length of the song and the proposed sex. It's just a conceptual fantasy.]

Fuck Buttons - The Lisbon Maru
Fuck Buttons - Olympians
Fuck Buttons - Phantom Limb
Fuck Buttons - Space Mountain

And, it's your lucky always. Some bonus tracks are waiting just around the bend...

-It's fan death!
>Ahhh, fuck! Run away!
-What! No, silly! Oh, you thought I was talking about the Korean superstition. Haha.
>What do you mean then?
-Fan Death. They're this great new "string driven disco pop band".
>Oh really. That's great. Let's listen to them.

Fan Death - Reunited
Fan Death - Veronica's Veil

Push it.

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