Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best of Beijing: Glasses City

Bo Yang wears black sport frames by Eunia

Meng wears black/clear sport frames by Eunia ("Panda" model)

4 floors. Millions of frames. Free eye tests. Glasses done in 20 minutes. 10 Euros (or maybe a bit more).

There's too much to choose from, and that's the only problem. You're likely to get exhausted and/or confused if you shop around the whole place. If you're a repeat customer, like me, you find a store or two that suit you and won't try to cheat you, and you stick with them. Most of the cheap frames aren't going to become family heirlooms, but at 10 Euros per pair (that includes your lenses) you won't be shedding tears if they fall apart two weeks later. That's pessimistic, of course, as I have cheap Chinese glasses that have lasted two years and continue on strong. The pairs that have been broken were dropped repeatedly and slept on; things that spell trouble for expensive frames as well. Don't worry about it! Just buy those neon purple "Ray Bans" you've been dreaming of and walk out with a fresh perspective.

*Located just south of Jinsong station, Line 10. Quiet during the week, packed on the weekends.

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